I Am

The Power of Discovering

Who You Really Are


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I AM : the power of discovering who you really are / Howard Falco.

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You are an infinite essence revealed in a finite expression,

destined to experience the truth of all forms.

Continually prodded and nudged into a restless sense of movement,

forced to evolve by the winds of endless change.

To humanity,

know thyself.


a note from the author ix

INTRODUCTION. The Transformation to a New You 1


Chapter 1. You Are Energy and Matter 23

Chapter 2. You Create Matter 36

Chapter 3. You Decide What Matters 44


Chapter 4. How You View the Universe 61

Chapter 5. How You Define Yourself 68

Chapter 6. How You Experience Your Self-Definition 79

Chapter 7. How You Create Your State of Mind 96


Chapter 8. Why You Have Emotions 115

Chapter 9. Why You Have Need and Addiction 143

Chapter 10. Why You Have Yet to Experience the Reality

You Desire 184

Chapter 11. Why You Have Resistance and Fear Change 203

PART FOUR. Who You Can Be Is Based On…

Chapter 12. Your AWARENESS of You 231

Chapter 13. Your DESIRE to Ask Questions 237

Chapter 14. Your WILL to Accept the Answers 251

Chapter 15. Your POWER to Make New Choices

of Being 268

Chapter 16. Your FAITH to Take Action 285

Chapter 17. Your LOVE of You 307

Appendix A. The Question-and-Answer Process 321

Appendix B. I AM Worksheet 325

acknowledgments 331


Truth 19

You 57

Polarity 111

Good-bye, Fear 227

Now 235

The Brush 305

A Note from the Author

It is with the deepest sense of honor and love that I present the material in this book to you. It is all the result of a startling experience of transformation that happened in 2002, culminating in the awareness of the very nature of creation, and the mechanics behind the ongoing evolution of the personal experience of life.

One of the biggest initial questions I had regarding this astonishing personal occurrence was “Why me?,” which after much further contemplation became “Why not me?” Which leads to the most important question in this very moment, which is “Why not you?”

If I learned anything from what happened to me it is the undeniable fact that this same information is always here for you when you are truly ready for it. How far you take it, embrace it, and integrate it into your life to achieve your desires is yours to decide. However, when you are ready, this awareness will prove to be all that’s been talked about over the centuries of time and more.

So I offer this wonderful information to you. Challenge and question all that you feel necessary along the way. You will know whether or not an understanding is right for you if it “vibes” with you, for your body is a great divining rod of truth. This feeling generally emanates from your heart, and when it happens you are being offered something significant that is above and beyond what your head may have been trying to tell you for years.

I hope you enjoy your revelations of awareness as much as I have enjoyed mine. You are about to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery where your life and the way you look at it may be about to change forever. On this journey you will find your ability to understand life and what you’re truly capable of manifesting within it to be as limitless as you dare to allow. May your creative experience in this lifetime become more peaceful and full of love because of it.

With endless gratitude and love,

Howard Falco


The Transformation to a New You

Answers are not found, they are allowed.

The journey of self-awareness and self-creation is the very intent of life. The capability to understand your true nature, expand your consciousness, and “know thyself” is a birthright. You will not be denied in your search. If you feel denied, it is because in some way you have denied yourself— thereby stretching your experience of time. You can always choose to avoid what shows up and interpret the world the same way you did yesterday, or you can decide to open to new possibilities that offer you a new reality for today. Either way, life will continue to bring you an endless stream of information to support you on your quest. This moment and this book is one of them.

Life, its origin and purpose, is one of the greatest mysteries mankind has ever contemplated. Since the dawn of human consciousness, we have searched for the meaning of existence. Saints, sages, mystics, philosophers, scholars, and poets have sought the answers to such basic yet enormous questions as: Why are we here? Who or what has created us? What is our purpose? Why do we suffer? Why are some humans blessed with good fortune while others seem destined to endure misfortune and misery? What is our destiny? How does one achieve peace in life? Who am I?

While all of these questions are essential to the evolution of consciousness, the answer to one fundamental question is the key that opens the door to answering all of the others, and that question is “Who am I?” A true understanding of the self is the answer of all answers.

This book presents an entirely new and powerful way of looking at who you are and what you are truly capable of experiencing. By allowing yourself to open up to new information about why you are the distinct individual that you are, you will begin to see and believe in more of the infinite potential of who you can be in your lifetime. And it is this realization that will allow you to experience an endless source of peace that has always been and will always be accessible to you, because it is within you. Realizing your infinite potential will enable you to make choices from a calmer, clearer, and more certain state of mind. From this incredibly powerful state of mind, you are able to create the reality you ultimately desire to experience: the reality of your dreams.

In the pages that follow you will be offered a fresh understanding regarding the way you define yourself, and how that definition leads you as you create and experience life. This journey to an expanded state of consciousness can go as far as you desire it to go, as it is based solely on your level of intent to receive the answers to your unique questions about life. This material has been drawn to you by you. As its author, I have simply been the organizer and deliverer. Now is simply a moment of opportunity (as is every moment) for you to decide if you are ready to experience more of who you are.

The information imparted in this book came forth as a result of a massive personal expansion in awareness that I experienced during the latter half of 2002. This experience was very startling and totally unexpected, as I was not consciously seeking r looking for something like this to happen to me. I was simply living a regular everyday life. However, what immediately struck me about my awakening was the overwhelming insight that everyone has the same access to this life-changing knowledge. There is nothing to practice and it isn’t necessary to follow any particular set of rules to come to this experience. All that is required is that you demonstrate the will to open your mind to more of the possibilities that are already available to you.

For me, this radical shift in consciousness occurred when I was thirty-five years old. I was married and living with my wife and two children, aged three and five at the time, in Scottsdale, Arizona. My marriage was as perfect as could be, and my job in the financial industry was providing a sufficient living. I hadn’t undergone any life-or-death situation or a personal tragedy. I also had no experience with any of the hard sciences. I had not studied physics. I had not worked in the field of psychology. I also had no knowledge of spirituality. I had spent no time in India and seen no gurus, and I knew nothing about meditation. I had no particular attachment to religion or much experience with religious texts, and had never studied theology. My total worldly education was simply my life of experiences and a college degree in business from Arizona State University. This is hardly the résumé or the situation that I had previously believed would produce a certain understanding or knowingness about the nature of all things. My awakening was simply a case of an ordinary human being having an extraordinary experience.

I believe that my story genuinely illustrates the unequivocal truth that this powerful liberating insight is not just for a chosen few, but for anyone who chooses it. The source of truth is ever present and ever patient, waiting for the day and the hour that you decide simply and earnestly to allow yourself to receive it. When your desire to know reaches a level where you are finally willing to drop what you think you know, which hasn’t sufficed, the seemingly miraculous will occur. That is exactly what I did and it is what you are always given the opportunity to do as well. When you are truly ready, the answers will flood your experience from every direction, providing you with the choice to accept or reject the wisdom for which you have so earnestly asked.

Do you think this book showed up by accident? This is just one of a million ways you consistently bring yourself answers. If not for your questions and curiosity, you wouldn’t be holding it in your hands.

Many of the world’s great religions assert, “Ask and you shall receive.” Science, too, tells us that “Nature abhors a vacuum and immediately seeks to fill it.” So remember, anytime you sincerely ask a question, you are creating a space or an opening in your mind that immediately begins to draw in the answer. Your experience of the “filling” of this space will take place as quickly and as efficiently as you are willing to allow. As you let these answers in, you will see them come to you in every imaginable shape and form. You will see that the answers are right in front of you, as they always were and will continue to be.

The main issue as it relates to unanswered questions has never been one of whether or not answers are available or whether or not you have been asking for these answers. The issue has been in the fear-induced resistance to a change in your way of looking at, experiencing, and interacting with the world that these answers will bring.

My asking some of the bigger questions in life started in 1981 at the age of fourteen, while I was on a fishing trip with my uncle up in northern Minnesota. After a ten-hour car ride from Chicago, we reached our destination of Bear Island Lake, which sits just under a hundred miles from the Canadian border at the eastern tip of the state. It was just after dusk when we pulled up to our cabin, which sat at the lake’s edge. After unloading the car and settling in, my uncle, aunt, and cousin, who were exhausted from the day’s drive, went to sleep, while I decided to take a walk and explore my new surroundings. I headed straight down to the water, walked all the way to the end of the dock, and stood there, peering into the darkness.

The first thing that hit me was the complete and unfamiliar lack of sound. Since birth, sound had been a constant in my life, making this moment seem remarkably strange. Adding to the complete absence of sound, there also was not a single breath of wind. It was one of those August evenings when the air temperature is so perfect that if you close your eyes you cannot tell whether you are inside or outside. The stillness and silence felt surreal. As I looked down, I was astonished to see that the water in this huge lake was completely still as well. It was placid and motionless, like a giant sheet of glass, without as much as a tiny ripple.

That’s when I started to see them: hundreds, if not thousands, of white lights shining up from underneath the surface of the water. Confused and slightly startled, I looked across the whole lake and saw these thousands of lights shining in every part of it. “What in the world is going on?” I wondered. “Am I delirious? Am I imagining things?”

In one instant, it all became clear. I completely understood what I really was seeing. Slowly but surely I lifted my chin and my eyes to the sky. My mouth immediately fell open and my eyes grew as wide as saucers. What I saw in that moment changed my view of life forever. There seemed to be more stars in the sky above me than there was space between them.

Looking up at the moonless, star-filled sky in the middle of nowhere was a completely overwhelming experience. I was awestruck. Viewing these millions and millions of stars that I had never even known existed before was a galvanizing moment for me. It was like looking at a great painting or an incomprehensibly brilliant work of art. Lost in a moment of pure experience, I took in for the first time the vividness and clarity of the Milky Way, as the thick band and cluster of stars in our galaxy stretched from one end of the night sky to the other. I lay down on the dock, put my hands behind my head, and, for what seemed like forever, stared at the incredible magnificence before me.

On that night, in the middle of the wilderness, hundreds of sincere questions filled my mind about the nature of life and my existence within it. My amazement and wonder about the world I lived in were elevated to a whole new degree of intensity. I began asking many of the “big questions” about life, but I would have to wait over twenty years to be in a state of readiness to experience the answers.

Flash forward to two months after my thirty-fifth birthday. Life from that moment in my youth up until this time period had been considerably ordinary.

After graduating from high school I put myself through college in Arizona, earning a bachelor’s degree in business. After college, I gravitated to a job in the financial industry, and a few years later I got married and had two children. I had worked very hard to make my way through life to a point where I thought I was supposed to feel a sense of contentment, and yet I felt just the opposite. The feelings of anxiety and stress were a constant part of my day. I found it puzzling that I had achieved the necessary things and undergone experiences that were supposed to produce peace, yet my life felt incomplete.

I loved my wife and kids dearly. I was content with my job. Nonetheless, I felt an inner unsettledness from a source that I couldn’t put my finger on. It must have been obvious how I felt, because at least a couple of times a week different people would ask if I was okay and question why I looked so stressed. My wife said I looked like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. She couldn’t have been more accurate because physically, that’s exactly how I felt.

Looking back now, I realize that I was endlessly seeking to experience an idea that I imagined of self-perfection. I was chasing a vision of achievement, completeness, and self-acceptance that I could never seem to catch. My life felt like a bottomless hole that, no matter how much stuff I put in, never felt full. And the futility of this continual exercise was draining the energy out of my life in a way that felt like it was slowly killing me.

One day in July 2002, as I was walking down a hallway in my house, it finally got to me. Why was I so discontented? What was missing? In the few years that led up to this particular time I had thought that it was money; however, what I realized more than ever in that moment was that I had many of the vital things in life that money could never buy. The last excuse or rationalization for my discontented state of mind was gone. For the first time in my life I was truly out of answers. At that moment, I threw my hands up to the sky and with a desire and longing I never knew before, asked, “What’s next? What do I have to do to be happy? How do I achieve lasting peace and fulfillment?”

In the weeks following this intense questioning in my hallway, I became more and more aware of just how little I knew about the world around me as the answers to many of my questions suddenly began to appear. Looking back, I believe that a collection of conditions that had been building for over twenty years all came together at the right moment for me to undergo a miraculous transformation. The tipping point occurred a few weeks after that day in July during a seminar I attended for my job on developing the mind-set to become a highly successful trader in the financial markets. At one point during the seminar we were talking about the nature of beliefs. While the rest of the class was looking at how this information related to achieving what you wanted as a trader in the financial markets, I was looking at it from the perspective of life itself. I began to challenge many of the long-held beliefs that I had that greatly influenced my life. In the process, a new understanding of the creation of much of my current identity began to unveil itself. Every experience I had ever gone through suddenly started to make sense. I was now ready to see and embrace the truth about my life that I had longed to experience. In an instant, I experienced an entirely new way of looking at the world. Everything suddenly looked brighter and more vibrant. So much emotional weight was lifted from my shoulders that I literally felt as if I were floating.

In less than one second, many of the limiting beliefs I had held about myself since childhood dissolved. All of the woulda’s, coulda’s, and shoulda’s that I had carried in my thoughts for years simply vanished. I no longer felt any regrets, and I no longer felt contempt for myself or for anyone else. As I let go of the ideas I had about who I should be, I let go of all my resistance to who I currently was—and suddenly I was free.

I remained in a state of intense bliss for over a week, after which time I began to research what had happened to me. For almost four months I went through life in a trancelike mind-set as I learned more about the nature of this new opening in consciousness. In the weeks that followed, even more insights were unveiled. The core intent of all things in my existence and the purpose of all of the action within my life became crystal clear to me. I could see nothing but the perfection of everything in my world. I felt an abundance of love as I became aware of my role and connection to the oneness of all that exists.

As a result of this incredible experience, I learned how to truly allow the answers to my questions to enter my awareness. At the beginning of this realization it took weeks for an answer to enter my consciousness, but soon enough it began to take only a day, and then only about an hour. By the beginning of December the speed of these revelations was down to a few minutes.

In the middle of the month, something incredible occurred. I was sitting in my office and all of a sudden, as fast as a flash of lightning, answers began entering my mind. This new information seemed to be coming out of nowhere and it was very startling. However, what was truly stunning about it was that each answer appeared to enter my mind before I had even asked the question!

It all started like the feeling of the first big raindrop that plops down and hits the crown of one’s head right before it starts to really pour. First one, then several powerful drops more, then a complete downpour. I felt as if the top of my head was completely exposed and information was simply dropping straight into it. I decided to pick up a pen and put as much of it down on paper as I could, but the information was coming in faster than I could write. I had no idea what was happening. I wasn’t scared or worried, just bewildered and overcome by the magnitude of it all. What I later came to realize had happened was that the experience of time had completely collapsed. I had opened to so much possibility that my questions and answers had merged into a simultaneous awareness. Thinking had dissipated. Knowing was all that was left.

The next thing I remember was having an urge to leave work, get into my car, and just drive. I had no idea where I was going. I simply trusted and followed the amazing feeling that was going through my mind and body.

Soon I ended up parked at the public library. My heart pounded in my throat as I got out of the car and followed my footsteps as if I were being led. I found myself in a section of the library devoted to psychology, philosophy, and religion. There, I simply pulled any book off the shelf that immediately resonated with me. These included books by or about Socrates, Jung, Freud, Plato, the Buddha, Confucius, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Christ, and others. I took a stack of books to a cubby in the back part of the room and began to thumb through each one.

What I found was astounding. No matter what book I opened or what line I read, I was in shock to see that I completely understood every word of it. Concepts that would have seemed like an unknown foreign language only weeks or days earlier were now entirely comprehensible. Even more unfathomable to me was that some of the notes I had jotted down hours earlier were printed word for word in the books I was reading. I had never before read more than a line or two of the teachings of Socrates, Confucius, the Buddha, or Christ, yet suddenly I understood almost every single word. I was completely overwhelmed. The more I read, the more emotional I became, until finally I broke down, fell to my knees, and sobbed. The grace I was experiencing was too much.

“Why me?” I asked, as the tears flowed. “How is this possible?” Each year of my life it seemed I had been learning progressively through my experiences about different pieces of the puzzle of life, when all of a sudden it was as if a giant hand had picked me up and held me over all of the pieces at once, allowing me to see the entire picture. Each piece fit into a perfect matrix of connection and unity. At first I thought that the universe had opened up for me. This was not the case. The universe is always open. It was I who had opened to the universe.

Sitting there on the floor of the library, surrounded by these many great books and this new breathtaking vision of life, was remarkably humbling. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that was, and still is, beyond words. I would spend the next four years of my life fully accepting that this event occurred, embracing and integrating into my life what was unveiled, and beginning the work of honoring this beautiful awareness.

Each individual is on his or her own completely distinct path of expanding awareness and experiencing answers. The infinite river of understanding, collective unconscious, or field of unlimited awareness that I was experiencing is endlessly available to everyone who seeks it. This information is not only for those who are in some way “special,” but for anyone with true, earnest desire! The universe has no favorites. What happened to me can happen to you, and this transformation can occur in any moment of your life.

My realization led to another breathtaking insight that changed my life forever. We are not our past, but whomever we decide to be right now. In a single instant, I realized that I already am, in this moment, the perfection that I had been searching for in all the past moments of my life.

Inspired not only by how much these insights have affected my life positively, but by the beneficial effect they have had on those individuals in my life who have been ready to open to and experience them as well, I became determined to share them with a broader audience. Thus, I have spent the ensuing years recording all of the information I became aware of in the book you now hold in your hands. The more you understand who you are and why you are creating and experiencing the life that you live today, the greater your ability will be to use this power to create the experiences of life that you truly desire to know tomorrow.

A good analogy for the experience of self-inquiry is car ownership. A car’s purpose is to take people where they want to go. The more the owner of the car understands how it works from the inside out, the more control and confidence they will have both to drive it and to fix it when they get stuck. If the owner learns exactly how every component of their car works, they’ll never need anyone else’s help when their car breaks down. They will be able to recognize the core of the issue and fix it themselves. This is what will allow them more freedom to get where they desire to go, and to get there in much less time.

In the same respect, the more you understand about yourself, the easier it will be for you to see the core of any perceived issue in your life and then take the correct actions toward “fixing” it. This will put you in much more control of the creation of your life. The more you know what, how, and why you are the person that you are, the more control you’ll have over who you can “be” in the next moments of your life.

Up to this moment you have interpreted and reacted to the events in your life based on who you believed you were. This is how you have created your past—even as recently as one minute ago. How you interpret who you are in this moment is what is determining your present experience of life and what lays the seeds for your future. The vital questions are, Do you feel content with how you have defined yourself and with who you experience yourself to be every day? Are you at true peace with your life and your day-to-day state of mind?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, undoubtedly numerous other questions about your life have been sparked. These are questions you may have been asking for years—in your mind and through your heart—calling out to the universe, to your idea of God, to your higher self, or to anyone who would just listen for a response. Perhaps you are hoping one day to experience information so liberating and inspiring that its recognition could reconcile the millions of conflicting opinions and explanations people all over the planet have about the experience of life. Perhaps you are anticipating, just as I was at age thirty five, one day finally receiving an answer to the eternal question What is the key to everlasting peace and contentment in life?

Millions of people ask this vital question every day, but simply aren’t ready for how these answers will change their identity and view of life. Questions that you may have been asking for years about many things, including relationships, your career, money, your health, or the nature of life itself, have produced answers that are only waiting for you.

Your true nature is unlimited and so are the ways in which you can experience and create life. Whenever your life seems out of control or you feel like peace and fulfillment are out of reach, it is because the belief you hold in your true creative ability has been limited or denied. As you come to understand more of the truth of your endless potential, you simultaneously open up to an amazing realization of the limitless possibilities available to you. Your every fear will be diminished, your every question will be answered, your every prayer will be acknowledged. This realization has the effect of collapsing the time it takes to reach the state of mind where you freely enjoy peace and harmony in every moment. For me, this felt like finding the Holy Grail that man has searched to uncover for centuries.

The only way your world changes is one person at a time—that one person is always You.

The book you now hold in your hands will help you trace the process by which you create and experience your life. As you become increasingly aware of the degree to which you create your experience of life subconsciously, it will guide you toward claiming more of your innate power to create and determine your experience of life consciously.

From one perspective you are a distinct and separate individual with a name, a personality, relationships, and a history. From another perspective, at the most fundamental level, you are made up of the same energy as everything in the universe and therefore connected to it all. As you embrace more of this realization of connectedness, more of the perfection and purpose of all the things in your life begins to surface. It is the acknowledgment of moment-to-moment perfection that inspires you to effortlessly integrate with all of the life around you on the path to your truest dreams and desires.

Just providing yourself with new information does not mean you will believe it. Your state of readiness is dependent upon you being intent and willing—on your own—to challenge and embrace some new and different ideas about every aspect of life. Perhaps the utter simplicity of how it all works will encourage you. The evidence of this simplicity is what this book will provide. The single most important question right now is, Are you really ready to turn seeking into realizing?

Throughout the ages, we have been offered many ways to understand ourselves and our capabilities in life. Many people have traveled different roads of thought in order to understand our place in the universe and make sense of reality. In the world today, four major paradigms dominate these inquiries: the fields of science, philosophy, spirituality, and religion. Each system of thought has developed a distinct set of beliefs and methodologies that distinguish it, some of which you may have embraced. As you travel down the road of self-awareness, many of your ingrained and unchallenged beliefs related to one of these paradigms may be seen as the reason some of your questions have thus far remained unanswered.

Throughout history many have traveled a similar path to new and life-changing information. However, it is important to know that each individual’s journey to the state of readiness and the avenue that brings the information is completely distinct and unique. What triggers your experience of the answers to your life’s questions can come from anything you encounter on your unique journey and it can happen in any measure of time.

What is relevant, regardless of your path, is your will to let go of a certain limited idea of who you are, in order to make way for something much more expansive. An expanded awareness of who you are and what is possible for you in life is what turns despair and uncertainty into hope and opportunity. In this more peaceful and balanced state of mind, you’re able to make new choices and take the actions that construct a much more fulfilling reality. This is the path to claiming more of the unlimited creative power that is within you.

The essence of free will is choosing how you will perceive and react to your experience in every moment.

You are the exclusive author of your story. You—and only you—choose your interpretations of and reactions to your life experiences. If there is one single liberating understanding to take from this book, it is the realization that you are the creator of your experience called life. It is irrelevant whether you are rich or poor, diseased or healthy, free or in jail, happy or depressed, single or married, shy or confident. It is meaningless to the self-evident truth that from this moment forward, you are making it all what it is.

Your life is based entirely on who you believe that you are.

Each and every experience that gets created arises from a multitude of conditions that intersect in the same moment. A seed does not become a f lower just because it is lying on the ground. It must be embedded in fertile soil. It must get the proper amount of water. It must absorb the energy of the sun. The creation of your life is no different. You must cultivate your reality. For you to know life in a new way, you must orchestrate the necessary conditions. You must continually ask questions and be willing to embrace the new information that leads to new choices and actions. This is the process that will lead you to the manifestation of your desires.

This book offers the step-by-step process of how the creation of “You” unfolds. In order to effectively convey the following material, a framework must first be built. Thus, the book is broken down into four comprehensive segments. Each part builds on those that precede it and contains information that is integral to the overall process of self-realization. If you feel you have misunderstood a concept, simply return to an earlier section and refresh your understanding before moving on.

Part One, “What AM I?,” offers a framework for understanding your material essence: what you and everything else in the universe are made up of, how matter influences you, and how you influence every other piece of matter in existence.

Part Two, “How AM I?,” uses the framework from Part One to examine how you interpret and define yourself in relation to everything else in reality. It reveals how you view yourself and your experience in the universe and explains how this critical self-ref lection results in your moment-to-moment state of mind.

Part Three, “Why AM I?,” unites the concepts from Part One and Part Two to show you the core condition underlying all your behaviors, emotions, and decisions, which have come together to create your life up until this point. This section reveals why your life has yet to change, and exposes the uncreative and damaging side of fear. Here you will learn more of your true nature, and what it is that blocks you from the answers that will lead you to a fully creative life of peace.

Part Four, “Who You Can Be,” draws on the earlier sections of the book to demonstrate that no matter who you have been until now, who you can be is based on who you choose to be and how you choose to act and react to your world in this very moment. Everything in your life can change in a single instant based on your ability to ask questions and receive the answers that bring you to more of the awareness of who you really are. This is what enables you to become more of a true master of your reality.

A few years ago my whole life changed in an instant because I asked questions and then opened to receive the answers that revealed more of what is not true about who I AM and at the same time unveiled more of what is true about who I AM. In that moment, I saw the unlimited possibilities of who I could be and the infinite possibilities for all of creation. Ever since then, my sole intent has been to honor this grace by offering these revelations to anyone who desires to expand their awareness and understand more about life.

This book is dedicated to you and your journey to more moments of fulfillment and peace in life. Each page that follows is devoted to passing on the insights and concepts that helped me to produce the condition of self-realization that led to a wonderful personal transformation. If your intent and desire are grand, and your will strong, with the concepts and ref lections offered here, inner peace and a new powerful way of knowing, living, and creating life can be yours. All of this originates through the realization of self-declaration that is one of the shortest sentences in the written word but the most powerful in the universe: I AM.


Infinite presence or eternally present,

It matters not which way you embrace,

As long as one day, if your path does intend it,

Your soul is granted this wonderful grace.

Blocked all your life by a false sense of self

Kept at bay by the fear that defends,

Pain continues to fester within you

Until faith breaks with love and amends.

Born are new eyes and a sight changed forever

And a day is dawned that is new,

Bearing sounds that are pure and sights of bright colors

Wrapped in a magnificent hue.

This river forever f lows and awaits one to drink of it,

Available to all on our earth,

From a love that never stops, originating beyond time,

Ensuring for all a rebirth.

Denied every day this universal gift,

As sleeping souls pass it by:

The key to waking from the original trance,

Destined to reveal the great lies.


What Am I?